The Magic of Transformation or . . .

How to Create Something from 'Nothing'
"Little Bunny has ears so tall,
Little Bunny has a tail so small.
He sits up straight and he wriggles his nose.
What does he smell, do you suppose?

He hops on his toes to a curly green top. 
He digs and he digs, and suddenly stops.
Tender carrot, not one, but two!
Little Bunny knows just what to do.

He nibbles and nibbles 'til tummy is full.
And then he hip-pity hops away. . .
Until another day!"
by Connie Manson

"When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero."--Fred Rogers

How special it is to witness the wonder on a child's face, as they watch an ordinary handkerchief transform into a bunny, or perhaps a mousie! This activity can be shared in so many environments. I've created a little handkerchief friend for babies and toddlers, pre-schoolers and grade school children in classrooms, in the home, at street fairs and more! Handkerchief puppetry works beautifully as a way to open a puppet play with audiences of all ages. This activity invites those watching to inwardly participate in the story.

You can make a doll for a child by folding up an old napkin, making two corners into legs, the other two corners into arms, a knot for the head, and painting eyes, nose, and mouth with blots of ink. Or you can buy the child what is called a “pretty” doll, with real hair and painted cheeks . . . If the children have the folded napkin before them, they have to fill in from their own imagination what is necessary to make it real and human. This work of the imagination shapes and builds the forms of the brain. The brain unfolds as the muscles of the hand unfold when they do the work they are suited for." (Rudolf Steiner-Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect and founder of Waldorf education.) The art of make-believe is enlivening for children of all ages--both the young and young at heart!

So grab a handkerchief, bandanna or table napkin and follow along to create a rabbit using an excerpt from my book "Hankey Magic".

"Hankey Magic" is a delightful hand bound collection that includes original and traditional songs and poems and stories, with generous illustrations to easily guide you into creating a variety of handkerchief friends. With simple rolls, tucks and knots create: a rabbit, the golden sun, little puppet, donkey, mousie, simple marionette, bird and a delightful silk scarf marionette like the one pictured below, left.

The package includes a hankerchief, of course! Your choice of a plain white hankey, a hand dyed hankey (brown or golden), or a batik-ed bandanna. 

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