Puppet Stories

"A must see for everyone at every age!"
"Connie's puppet shows are wonderfully entertaining and educational . . . soft narration, lovely music and stories from around the world! A must see for everyone at any age! And her husband Peter provides the ingenious musical backgrounds and sound effects. I highly recommend it!" Joy S.

Starlite Puppets: Shingabiss
Shingebiss originates from a traditional Ojibwe Native People story of the brave "diving duck" Shingebiss who through patience and perseverance overcomes the fierce Big Chief Wintermaker, Kabibonokka. Authentically crafted instruments add their magic to create a beloved tale that inspires children of all ages. A magical puppet picture craft may be added upon request.

"We loved it! So nice to get some winter magic. Thank you both for the beautiful, artful story weaving." 
Cheryl K

Nkosnati (Nnn-kos-nah-tea) and the Dragon is a compelling  adventure first told in South Africa. A young boy courageously faces and outwits the Great Storm Dragon armed with his drum and a stone he finds along the way. Traditional songs, music and games are woven throughout. A puppet or instrument craft to create and take home can be included upon request.

"Our 5 grand kids and 2 great nieces PLUS their parents AND grandparents were enthralled with the imagination of the puppet show. We ALL sat spellbound. Connie has such a tender way with children and Peter, well, there's some magic in his music!" Rosie :)
Mashenka and the Bear is a delightful folk tale woven with authentic Russian children's songs. Mashenka journeys into the woods, where she loses her way home and happens upon a bear's hut in the forest. Audiences delight in discovering how she tricks the bear into bringing her safely home to her grandmother! Ask about including a finger puppet craft!Photo by Ana Leiva--www.analeivaphotography.com

Roly Poly Rice Ball brings the audience on a magical adventure, when an old man tumbles down a hole and discovers mouse country, where little mice can dance and sing! A fun Japanese tale complete with cultural children's songs and games. A delightful natural fiber finger puppet craft can be included upon request.

Under the Rainbow Tree
Enjoy "Peter the Parrot" & "Banana Leaf Boat", a medley of original stories set in the South American Rain Forest. The adventures include magical sounds of the rain forest and well loved Spanish children's songs! (Suggested for audiences ages 3-8). Photo by Ana Leiva

Hermit Crab Finds a House takes us to the seaside where a hermit crab has outgrown his shell and is in search of a new home that fits just right. This adventure includes musical sounds of the ocean and lively songs to sing-a-long. Inspired by a tiny seaside friend discovered on a beautiful little island just off of Siesta Key in Sarasota! At the end of the story meet the live hermit crab friends who inspired the tale! Crafting of a simple musical instrument to accompany the story can be included upon request. (Suggested for audiences ages 3-8).

"Thank you so much Connie, the families absolutely love your puppet shows ... so many wonderful comments!"

Spindlewood takes the audience on a magical journey to Mother Earth's Kingdom where children discover where the gnomes and fairies go during the winter time. Crafting a puppet character from the story for each participant to take home can be added upon request. (Suggested for audiences ages 3-8).
Mr. and Mrs. Bird Build Their Nest is a nature tale that takes the children on a journey into how a nest is built, where in nature the materials are found, and how the contributions of nature's community create a sense of cooperation & support. Includes delightful music and songs woven throughout the story. Add a craft, & create a cozy nest or bird feeder to take home! (Ages 3-8)
“Marvelous, magical, brilliant.” NFP

The Rabbit and the Carrot is an engaging  seasonal nature story, where farm and woodland animal friends share with one another, even in the winter time when food supplies are scarce. Crafting a soft wool puppet friend to take home can be added upon request. (Suggested for audiences ages 3-8)

Puppet Apron

Babies and Toddlers delight in discovering what little creatures are tucked within the Puppet Apron! Starlite Puppets offers puppet storytelling adventures for the very young which include simple instruments, props and finger puppets that little ones can hold as they experience joyful songs, stories and lap games. 

"Little Mousie's Seed from the Sun"
"English & Spanish Sing-a-Long Fun"
"Caterpillar's Journey"