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"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful and inspiring material . . .
When I sing [your] cricket song with the children, they always say: 'Look! There's another one!!' . . . and we catch another one and sing it again~ (and again!)" Caitie S

Enjoy 'Squirrel Nutkin', a sample from the cd "Journey Through Autumn"
  • "Now that's sheer, sparkling, beautiful magic!" Lucinda M
  • "Connie Manson's light-as-air vocals illustrate the delicate tale of a woodland friend any child would go nuts for."--November 2015 winner Best Song Children's Music/Ballad The Akademia Music Awards
  • #1 in the region, top 25 nationally! --Reverb Music
  • Music from A Journey Through Autumn is now being featured on AMI public radio.
    1. September 
    2. Little Chirping Cricket
    3. Squirrel Nutkin
    4. The Leaves are Green
    5. The Apple Song 
    6. Fairies
    7. Come Little Leaves
    8. Miller’s Song
    9. Blow Wind, Blow 
    10. The Leaves
    11. November
    12. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

    13. Autumn, Goodbye  

    A Journey Through Autumn
    SET: BOOK & CD
    $25 plus shipping

    Come on an autumn adventure using music, movement, stories and puppets! The collection features easy to learn folk melodies and delightful, original tunes, along with enchanting verses, original seasonal stories, and puppet patterns complete with instructions to create endearing puppet friends to accompany the material. Need someone to sing along? Enjoy the enclosed cd complete with joyful musical accompaniments by Connie Manson and Jon Brady. Sample a song from the cd on the link above.

    "These songs have been so nice for circle time but we sing them all day long too. I'll be first in line to buy the next set(!)" Christel B.
    To order, contact Starlite Puppets: Include your name and     e-mail address. A paypal invoice will be emailed to you.

    A Journey Through Autumn 
    $18 plus shipping
    "We just received ours and highly recommend. The book is wonderful. Thank you, Connie." Melissa H

    A Journey Through Autumn 
    $10 plus shipping
    "[My son] has been listening to your music in [a friend's] car and says it's the most beautiful music he's ever heard. I'd like to buy a cd." 

    Jennifer E

    Autumn Puppet Kits
    $5 each plus shipping

    SQUIRREL NUTKIN FINGER PUPPET KIT complete with plant dyed felt for the body, wool for felting the tail, pattern, instructions and delightful poem.

    AUTUMN FAIRY TINY SILK MARIONETTE complete with a golden plant dyed silk hankey, instructions, story poem, and all supplies needed to create a magical fairy!

    A Journey Through Winter 
    $18 plus shipping
    Take a magical adventure through the season using movement, music and puppetry, with images that delight in every climate. The collection includes fun, easy to learn folk melodies and delightful, original tunes. Included are original and traditional verses, seasonal stories, and puppet patterns with instructions to create enchanting puppet friends to accompany the material. The collection also features beautiful seasonal selections from the Native people tradition.

    A Journey Through Spring
    $18 plus shipping
    A joyous journey through the season with movement, music and puppetry!The collection includes delightful traditional gems from Ireland and jolly England, as well as selections by the Native People of North American. Lively original tunes and stories complete the collection. Look for a medley of delightful puppet patterns and music making projects!

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    Hankey Magic BOOK & HANKEY
    $12 plus shipping 
    Hankey Magic was created to reawaken the wonder of transforming a simple handkerchief into a delightful puppet friend! This hand bound booklet includes traditional hankey friends created by storytellers throughout the ages as well as original creations, songs and poems by Connie Manson. Includes your choice of a white or golden yellow hankey or batik-ed bandanna! 
    To order, contact Starlite Puppets: Include your name and e-mail addressA paypal invoice will be emailed to you.
    "You are on our minds here… just finished making marionettes with parents using the little booklet you made - they all walked out to the garden to the rhyme "A little child went walking" - The children will find them in their baskets Wednesday - they had dyed the cloths first. I hope to have photos then and will send! love to you - we never know how far and wide our inspiration and work go!" Denise S

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