Explore the Wonders of Table Puppet Storytelling in this Online eCourse!

You're invited to join me as I team up with Lisa Boisvert Mackensie of 'Celebrate the Rhythm of Life' for an online immersion into the magic of table puppet storytelling! A number of you signed up for the amazing mini-course we have just completed, and now you have the opportunity to learn how to tell stories using table puppets! I hope you'll join us! Illustrated tutorials, vocal and video instruction, personal responses to your questions from instructors and course participants, and the opportunity for instructor feedback on your personal puppetry explorations throughout the course is included in the tuition fee.

Click on the link for more info and to sign up:  TABLE PUPPET STORYTELLING

Puppetry creates an opening for magic in both the watcher and the puppet storyteller. It nourishes the senses, creates connection, and requires unique participation on the part of the audience; the more we believe the more real it becomes! Puppetry can be as uncomplicated as tucking a simple handkerchief over the hand or as elaborate as manipulating a many-tiered harness tied with multiple stings. But one look into the eyes of a delighted audience filled with children and the 'young at heart', and the certainty exists that puppetry speaks to everyone.
Create a Magical Connection with the Children in Your Care with These Storytelling Tips for Parents, Teachers and Homeschooling Families!!

Many thanks to Jada A for hosting me on her homeschooling youtube series! Are you looking for more ways to support your child or students in their journey to literacy? Please join me here at this link:
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