About Us

Meet Starlite Puppets
Connie Manson: founder & artistic director

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." -Yeats

Throughout childhood I loved performing! It was to me a vehicle to connect with others in a joyful, meaningful way. Not long after completing a theatre arts degree, I was asked by a fellow graduate to help perform puppet stories for school children. We knelt in a large black box, holding the puppets above our heads, so we never had the opportunity to see the children's faces, but I was struck by how silent they were throughout the entire show. Later after beginning the journey as a teacher in a classroom, whenever a puppet troupe traveled to our school, it was unforgettable to see how strongly the children connected with the puppets! 

The journey continued after beginning my Waldorf teacher training, where I discovered a treasure trove of nurturing stories, and a puppet storytelling style adored by children.  Starlite Puppets was born, and thus began the journey of sharing music and puppetry nationwide. 

So many possibilities opened up when I learned how to sculpt puppets using a technique with wool fibers called needle felting! Teaching others how to create their own puppets is such a joy, and I continue to delight in the wonder of helping others take their creations and learn how to make them come to life with meaningful gesture.

I love watching a group of strangers join together and open to the magic within a story told with puppets. The experience invites the audience to slow down, to create within themselves a place for something new and wonder-filled to happen, and to enter into the simplicity and beauty with their imaginations. 

Peter Chin, my husband, has an extraordinary ability to know just when the story needs a sound effect to complement the magic! I am honored to share this work with him; a talented musician and retired Waldorf teacher beloved by so many parents and children. Peter Chin has been a teacher working in elementary and secondary education for over thirty years. He began his career as a Waldorf class teacher in Colorado and continued serving as a class teacher in California and most recently Florida. He has a background in the dramatic arts and enjoys providing musical and theatrical support for Starlite Puppets productions. 

Starlite Puppets has most recently been featured in the Herald-Tribune, Pelican Press, Natural Awakenings, Positive Change and on Youtube with The Observer Media Group. I am connected to AFTA (Association of Florida Teaching Artists).