Southwest Florida:  

Selby Gardens in Sarasota: "Little Sprouts Club" at 11 am

MARCH 3rd, 2018: Flowers and Gardens--"Mousie's Seed from the Sun" 
APRIL 7th, 2018:  Fruits and Farms--"The House with No Windows or Door"
MAY 5th, 2018: Lakes and Springs--"Ollie the Otter""

. . . We joined the  [Little] Sprouts for the dandelion themed puppet show at 11 in the kids corner.    The storyteller and the musician that accompanied her were charming. Her props were so simple and she made even a little handkerchief seem like it was alive.  She was magical.   I had an experience like I've never had at a place I've spent the past 7 years working."  Addie

solTERRA Wellness Center in Palm Harbor at 11 am

MARCH 31st, 2018: Mashenka and the Bear Puppet Play and Tea Party $5 suggested donation

*Call to book a performance or workshop!*